What action are you taking?

My first foray into personal development was when I picked up Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project in Powell’s bookshop in Portland, Oregon when I was travelling around the USA on my way home from Australia. Since then, I’ve continued to read and read personal development books in order to improve myself. Most of these books have some sort of exercises to do, which I would always “come back to later”. I thought I was so enlightened and self-aware because I had acquired all of this vast knowledge. What I didn’t know though, was that there is a world of difference between knowing and doing; the knowing-doing gap.

Just because I knew these things, didn’t mean I put them into action. It is only when we take action on what we know that true transformation can occur. Look at it as “information vs transformation”. This formed part of what I spoke about at the wonderful Change Your Mind, Change Your Life event yesterday at Airfield estate a few weeks back. The day was filled with thought-provoking and inspirational talks. I have no doubt that everyone in the room has walked away with new knowledge. But the question remains…

What action are you taking?

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