My Story

If you want to put the human back into the workplace, you've come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Aoife O’Brien and I am The Empowerment Coach, a performance coach specialising in Empowering Inspired Action. I believe that everyone deserves to be happier at work, and we can do this through increasing overall 'fit' in the workplace - understanding your work culture and hiring for that culture. Use communication and motivation to ensure employees feel like they belong. Whether you are an organisation looking to improve engagement, reduce turnover and retain your best talent, or an individual looking to work somewhere you feel you really 'belong', we need to talk! I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, and I work online with people all over the world.

I work with high achievers to help them take back their power, live true to their values and have a more fulfilling life.

My Approach

I have 20+ years of identifying and solving business problems in a global context. As a results-driven and curious professional with an aptitude for solving real business problems, I support companies when it comes to hiring the right people using a values-based approach. This results in better engagement and retention.

The right people for your organisation are those who align with your values. I mean your real values; how people actually behave in the workplace. Once you have the right people in place, you need to hold onto them. Needs satisfaction is a huge driver of job satisfaction and motivation, and can make the difference between those who stay and those who leave.

Having the right people, doing the right things, in the right teams leads to a happier and more productive workforce. Not ‘fitting in’ at work leads to frustration, disengagement, withdrawal and even resignation. I ensure companies hire the right people for them, which leads to a happy and productive workforce which is crucial for business success.

My Why

I've heard it countless times, and I've even been there myself. "I have so much more to give, if only I had the opportunity" or "I've hired someone and they're really not living up to expectations"

I had a really successful and fulfilling career in the corporate sector for 17 years. Having worked in several multinational companies over the years, I have witnessed first hand the impact of poor hires, the frustration of a misalignment of values, and of not engaging with employees' needs and managing their expectations. All of this proved as a great learning for me - if you want to get the best for your employees, you need to create an environment where they can thrive.

Given the right environment, your best talent can reach their full potential, and continue working at that level. I work with organisations as well as individuals to ensure that they are in the right place to really thrive. This results in a happier workforce and increased productivity, ultimately impacting on your bottom line.

My Background

I have 17 years experience in a corporate background working in Dublin, London, Perth and Sydney. I have a BA in International Business and Languages (Spanish & German) from DCU, and studying for a MSc in Organisational Behaviour in DCU (graduation 2020). I have a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching, a Certificate in Career Coaching, and a distinction in Coaching Ethics & Practice (QQI Level 6). I am also qualified in Train the Trainer.

My Values

Let's work together

If you'd like to know more about what I can do to help you, you can check out my Work with Me page.