Finding work doing something you love

I am so lucky that I can truly say that I really enjoy what I do. Don’t get me wrong, there are good days and bad days, there are some tasks I get frustrated by, but for the most part I love what I do. So many people complain about their job or their boss or their company, but what are they actually doing about it? I worked in London in a job and a company that I adored. I left because I had bigger plans for my life – I wanted to see the world! (And see the world I did!). I worked in other companies where I felt I didn’t quite ‘fit in’, in some cases I liked my boss but not my job, or liked my job but not what the company stood for.

And so the journey began of trying to find something I was truly inspired by. I had a think about what I was good at (planning and organising, listening, analysing data, presenting and story-telling) and who I would like to help and how I would like to help them (I wanted to help people figure themselves out, what they’re good at, and help them to make better decisions about themselves, especially when it comes to work… and also help organisations get the best from their staff by hiring the right people).

And so the journey continues. Having retrained as a coach, I feel I found my calling. When I mention my new venture, so many friends say to me how good I would be (why did I never know this before?!). I am also embarking on a journey towards consulting. When I talk about my masters and everything I am learning, studying and researching, my eyes just light up! I am starting to make my dreams a reality.

A lot of opinions that work is not meant to be enjoyable, or people say they couldn’t make money doing something they really enjoy. The truth is most people know deep down what they would like to do, but are perhaps too afraid to make the leap, or think they could never possibly make money doing [insert what you love doing here!]. I say life is too short not to love what you do. What is your legacy? How would you like to be spoken about or remembered after you die?

Top tips for finding work you love:

  • Understand yourself. You are unique! What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? How do you help people? This is an ongoing journey as there is no straightforward answer. People change and evolve over time. But try to understand what that means for you now.
  • What is holding you back? Mortgage commitments, family commitments, financial constraints? Lack of confidence or self-belief? How will you remove those obstacles in your way? (putting money aside into savings, surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, using positive affirmations…)
  • People may judge, but the only opinion that matters is your own opinion of yourself. If you’re happy where you are, then stay there. If you want to change, then do something about it.
  • If you’re not ready to quit your current job, how can you find your way towards something you love? (study, side hustle, connecting with people already doing it)
  • Ask for help! If you need support, just ask for it – time, financial support, advice. Lots of people who’ve gone through a similar journey and happy to share their story!

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