Episode 25

Episode 25

25: Asumpta Gallagher on Leadership

This episode features Asumpta Gallagher, the owner and founder of Best Practice.  She launched her business in early 2018 to provide supports to GP’s, their Practices and their Staff. The services that Best Practice provide, enables GPs to spend more time being the Doctors they want to be. Best Practice helps to standardise processes, implement systems as well as providing tailored training to staff inhouse, remotely and through external workshops. A well managed Practice empowers and motivates the entire Practice Team, and results in a better work life balance for everyone as well as improved Patient Care.  A full list of services can be found on www.bestpractice.ie

Asumpta and I discuss what makes a good leader, the difference between managing and leading, ambition, success, asking for help and starting with why.