Episode 10

10: Bettina Arnafjall from Women's Career Lift

In this episode, I speak with Bettina Arnafjall from Women’s Career Lift. We discuss how, as women, we tend to get in our own way when it comes to managing our careers. It’s important to take stock of our achievements and communicate them effectively. Collect positive feedback and bring good news to your manager; be in the driving seat of your own career. If you’re not happy at work, stop complaining and take action. We also chat about raising your visibility, how to deal with mistakes, and the gender pay gap.

Bettina has 8 years of experience as a hiring manager and also works as a freelance women’s career coach offering support with job applications (resume, cover letter, job interviews) while working full time.

She is known for her curiosity, her desire to see and understand the big picture, her hands-on mentality, her project management talent, her laser sharp focus and her capability to achieve her targets.

Website: www.womenscareerlift.com