Episode 15

15: Pauline Rohdich on Mastering your Thoughts

This episode features Pauline Rohdich from Just Pause, a rapid transformation therapist. She speaks about how changing our thoughts can have a dramatic impact on our life; mastering your mind can allow you to take your power back.  Often we are living inside repeated patterns of behaviour, and holding ourselves back from reaching our true potential; living a “diluted” version of ourselves. 50% of our happiness is from genetics, 40% from our habits and beliefs, and only 10% is due to circumstances (although this is what most people try to change). If you have a belief that is holding you back, ask yourself “who am I without this belief?” “who can I be?”


Pauline is the creator of Just Pause, a transformational business with a mission to remind each person that they have the power to change their life and cultivate unconditional happiness.

She is an advanced RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Happiness Trainer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and NLP Practitioner. Growing up, Pauline always had a strong connection to the mystical and sensed there was so much more to understand about God and spirituality than what she had been exposed to in her strict Catholic upbringing. Her background has seen her as a Garda,  Air Hostess, and an entrepreneur in a variety of small businesses. However, her deepest desire has always been to help people to be the best they can be and her biggest shift began in her mid-thirties.