Episode 27

Episode 27

27: Saskia Kremer on Personal Leadership

This 7th episode in the Leadership Series features Saskia Kremer. We speak personal leadership and what you need to do in order to manage yourself. We cover things like being proactive rather than reactive, reflecting on your day “if you don’t run the day, the day runs you” but in a non-judgemental way, chunking your vision down to smaller pieces, and celebrating the wins.

Saskia helps successful, time challenged high level management, directors  and business owners, who can’t find the bandwidth to pursue more profitable projects and increase their performance, without the overwhelm.

Saskia, once a Missionary, worked alongside Mother Teresa herself, which brought her around the globe, helping people discover their meaning in life in sometimes heart-breaking circumstances. She left the missions following her own experience of burnout to pursue her lifelong dream of having her own business.

In 2016 she moved from Holland to Ireland and specialized in working with business owners, consultants and managers showing them how to create a bigger vision for their business and life, create clarity on more profitable projects and create higher performing teams. She has worked with countless clients in Europe and continues to build her reach.

Her story was featured in National Newspapers and with Irish broadcasters including RTE one with Ryan Tubridy. You will find her speaking and inspiring people at events globally.