Episode 31

31: Stephen Dargan on Future of Work

This is the first episode in the “Future of Work” series. I speak with Stephen Dargan from Wake Up. Stephen and I talk about how work is going to change in the immediate future as well as further down the line. It’s time to question the way we worked – where we work from, and the time spent at work. We talk about the importance of autonomy at work, as well as meaning and purpose. 

Stephen Dargan wants your organisation to feel happier. Stephen has worked with managing teams for 10 years to now enabling leaders of organisations in Ireland and the UK transform the way their organisations work, for the better. Stephen believes that great leaders make others feel good about themselves and people work best when they feel good about themselves.  Stephen provides the happy workplaces 4 day leadership programme over a 4 month period with organisations. Where  leaders are given the tools to create a high performance happier team. 

Stephen also co runs the Happy Workplaces Ireland Conference now in its 4th year. An energetic conference where experts in the field of industry share how they are shaping the future of work and are making life better for everyone in the workplace.

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Website.: www.wake-up.ie 

Happy Workplaces Ireland 2020 : www. happyworkplacesireland.com