Episode 7

7: Andrew Barnes from 4 Day Week

In this episode of Happier at Work podcast, I speak with Andrew Barnes. Andrew’s company Perpetual Guardian sparked global media fascination with its flexible work model after it successfully trialled and implemented the four-day week, resulting in a 20% lift in employee productivity, a 27% reduction in work stress levels, and a 45% increase in employee work-life balance. The four-day week concept has proven to be extraordinarily popular around the world. Media coverage of the four-day week has reached 4.5 billion people in 70+ countries through more than 3,500 news articles and 11,500 social media posts.
Andrew and I speak about the practicalities of implementing a 4-day week, input vs output, the impact on work as well as home life, which industries would benefit from a 4-day week and how healthier, happier people produce better results.