Before I had my first session with Aoife I kept running into the same problems that would cause me stress in launching my start up business. I would feel overwhelmed by my to-do list, I procrastinated a lot and often lost direction.

My expectation of the sessions was that I would be advised on ways I could overcome the above issues but my experience was totally different, in a better way. Instead of telling me how I could resolve the issues (which has been my previous experience) Aoife asked me questions, challenging questions that made me really think deeply and presently about my current actions and why they were leading me to feel stressed. What is nice about her sessions was that she doesn't tell you her answers to the questions, she guides me to answer the questions and come to solutions myself. I have found this way so effective as it leaves me with solutions I have made myself that are realistic to me and gives me a different perspective and more motivation on how to progress with them. Finding out ways to do something your own way instead of being told what to do brings a whole new way of working.

After each session with Aoife, I am left motivated, focused and confident in my actions.

I would like to thank Aoife for the effective way she approaches every session and the genuine care she shows towards finding ways of working that suits me.

Sophie www.gymx.ie 06/08/2019

I was recommended Aoife by a good friend of mine and I was delighted she did so. She is calm and measured and was a great help to me when I was looking for a new role. Aoife was able to help me clarify exactly what I was looking for and I always came away with increased confidence. Aoife did a mock interview with me the day before my 2nd interview and when I was feeling the pressure! I firmly believe that her sage advise re my CV and interview questions helped me to clinch the much sought after job. Delighted to recommend Aoife to anyone who is looking to excel in their current job, move roles or even just gain confidence to make the next step in their career. Thank you once again Aoife!

Sinead via LinkedIn 30/07/2019

There was a lot of learning in staying with a coaching process and try to reduce/avoid advice giving. I really enjoyed today and felt very comfortable speaking about my challenge.

It helped my formulate a plan for tackling the challenge and I look forward to reporting on my progress. Super exchanges with great people.

Fantastic peer-to-peer learning.

I felt empowered.

It was a very valuable, insightful and challenging session. I was one of the people sharing a challenge and found it really helpful.

Plenty of food for thought! Such a great mechanism for getting the mind thinking outside of the box.

Really valuable insights, so helpful.

Very good sessions, helpful and a great group.

Common Purpose (anonymous feedback from particpants in Group coaching format) 02/07/2019

Before meeting Aoife I was a workaholic!! I had no work life balance at all! I felt stuck in a rut unaware of the direction I needed to take. I worked with Aoife over a period of a few weeks and we transformed many areas of my life. I got clear on my core values and this is something I have kept with me right up until now. I felt so organized and motivated each time we met - in so many areas of my life - career, money, family, health & wellness. I would highly recommend working with Aoife.

Sarah, Wellness Professional 19/06/2019

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I engaged with Aoife’s services when I was applying for a promotion in work. I supplied her with a list of competencies which I was to be tested on. She orchestrated a couple of mock interviews based on the information I gave her which we conducted by phone. I was very impressed by her attention to detail and felt her assistance fine-tuned my interview performance. I was given invaluable advice and have no doubt that my successful recruitment for the role was down to her guidance. She is an expert in her field and I would have no hesitation in using her services again.

Liam, via LinkedIn 02/02/2019