Business consulting

My mission is to empower companies to create a thriving culture in which people can realise their full potential, driving happier and more productive workers!

I work with companies who care about their people, who want to put the human back into "human resources", and see their people as their most valuable asset.

Are you hiring the right people? Are you holding onto them? Do you know how to define your culture? Are your workers happy? Satisfied? Productive? Would you like to know how to increase your employees' sense of 'fit' or belonging in the workplace? And keep them for longer? Would you like to be seen as a really great employer?

I offer a range of services to help with the above questions and more. All solutions are bespoke to meet individual client needs. Clients hire me to speak at events, run workshops onsite and offsite, and run longer term programs to drive a cultural shift and create an environment where employees can thrive and reach their full potential.

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Employee Engagement

How engaged are your employees? Do you know? How can you tell?

Engaged employees go the extra mile, they give more to the company than other employees, they are the company's biggest advocates. They are happy and productive, and stay working with you for longer. Happy employees = happy customers.

Engagement is at the other end of burnout. If your employees are engaged, they are much less likely to burnout. There are some ways to tell whether your employees are engaged:

  • Happy to go the extra mile to complete a project or satisfy a client
  • Attend social events with the company, including parties
  • Ask to get involved in higher profile projects

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Hiring and Retaining the Right Staff

Culture is a huge driver of whether employees feel like they belong at a company and have the opportunity to thrive. It all starts with leadership and values. Do you have the right leaders in place? Are their values aligned with those of the company? Do their behaviours reflect that?

If you want to hire the right staff,  you first need to take a close look at your company values:

  • What are your values?
  • Is behaviour reflective of company values?
  • Are people recognised for demonstrating the company values?

If you want to keep the right staff, you need to know what their needs are and ensure they are being satisfied. When their needs are being met, staff are much more motivated and engaged.

  • Everyone has three basics needs: autonomy, relatedness, competence
  • People also have unique needs, such as status/ power, recognition (public and private)
  • Often people don't know what their needs are, but they know when they are not being met

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Employer Branding

It's hard to find the right people. It's an employees' market out there right now. The best employees are worth waiting for. But once you get them, you need to keep them!

Employer branding helps you to be considered an "employer of choice", position yourself against your competitors, and hire the best people for your business by getting the best to apply to work there. It can also help with retaining existing staff.

Some key areas for consideration:

  • What are your values?
  • What kind of people succeed at your company?
  • What can you offer employees that other companies can't?

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