Career Transition

You don't really know how you got where you are today, do you?

You landed in this career and have progressed nicely up until now. It has felt comfortable and rewarding and has allowed you freedom and travel, all things that you value. But for some reason now you are feeling a bit "stuck in a rut". You feel like your career has no direction and you're thinking to yourself "there must be more to life". Perhaps you've been passed over for promotion? Or you've been promoted and feeling like a bit of an imposter? Either way, you're wondering how to bring back more meaning to your career and to your life.

That's where I come in!

I've been there! Hugely successful and enjoyable career, and one day I decided "this is to for me any more". I wanted to use more of my strengths, be recognised for my abilities, and have a sense of freedom over my own time. So I started to look inward, look at what deep down I really want to do. And that's to help people like me and you to have a more fulfilling career, and therefore a more meaningful life.

I thought I knew myself pretty well, but I've spent the last number of years really getting to know myself. And that has helped me to wake up every day loving my job. Don't get me wrong, we all have bad days. But now my life is filled with much more purpose than ever before.

If you want to know more, feel free to reach out!